IPTV Subscription Plan

Do you worry about your monthly cable bill increasing and unmanageable cost? Do you want to cancel your TV subscription but feel sad about giving up your favorite shows, movies, and sports channels?
However, the good news is that you don’t have to continue feeling this way. MaccTV is on your side. Our IPTV Subscription Plan is second to none, with over 5000+ Canadian and international Channels available.

The Advantages of IPTV IPTV Subscription Plan

⦁ IPTV Subscription Plan may be used with any new or old computer network, so there’s no need for a cable connection.
⦁ IPTV content is only played when the user requests, unlike traditional cable TV, where content is continuously played through a network of cables.
⦁ IPTV Subscription Plan enables streaming real-time and on-demand video and audio.
⦁ With the extensive compatibility with TVs, LCDs, and other displays of the IPTV Subscription Plan and its contribution to the distribution of high-quality digital video, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) offers a variety of possibilities for affordable daily entertainment.

MaccTV.com Provides Superb Packages for Viewers Abroad

$10 for 1 Month
This IPTV Subscription Plan offers the following:

⦁ Over 8000+ Channels
⦁ Movies, TV Shows
⦁ Free Updates,
⦁ HD and SD Channels
⦁ Premium Channels
⦁ An Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
⦁ Video on Demand (VoD)
$30 for 3 months
This IPTV Subscription Plan offers the following:
⦁ 2 extra days of free
⦁ Over 8,000 channels
⦁ Movies and TV shows
⦁ Free updates
⦁ High-definition and standard-definition channels
⦁ Premium channels
$50 for 6 months
This IPTV Subscription Plan offers the following:
⦁ Access to over 8,000+ channels,
⦁ Thousands of movies and TV shows,
⦁ Regular free updates.
⦁ All Device Compatibility
⦁ Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
⦁ High-Definition (HD) Channels
⦁ Standard-Definition (SD) Channels
⦁ Premium Channels
$100 for 1 Month
This IPTV Subscription Plan offers the following:
⦁ + 30 Days FREE
⦁ 8000+ Channels
⦁ Movies & TV Shows
⦁ Free Updates
⦁ HD + SD Premium Channels
⦁ TV Guide
⦁ VOD (Vod)

Why choose Macctv?

⦁ Content- As the Best IPTV Service Provider, we provide packages that include your preferred shows, be they live or on-demand, from any network worldwide.
⦁ Quality- We provide the best services. You can watch shows in HD or even 4K (Ultra High Definition) for the best picture quality.
⦁ Reliability- We are the Best IPTV Service Provider with a record of happy clients and provide fast connections with few interruptions.
⦁ Experience: With Macctv, you Sign up for a service that makes it easy to navigate and find the shows you’re interested in watching.
⦁ Price: We are the Best IPTV Service Provider company because our rates are fair given the kind of service you may expect to receive.

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